Blended Learning Showcase

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About us

Over the last 8 years, Heart of Worcestershire College and the Blended Learning Consortium (BLC) have championed the use of blended learning within FE and provided a wealth of eLearning resources to its partners and consortium members.

The consortium now consists of over 160 member colleges in the UK who have been provided with more than 3,000 interactive resources to support and enhance the FE blended learning landscape.

Recent developments

We've been busy over the recent months creating some stunning learning content. Watch the following video for an insight into what the team have been working on recently.

Example learning objects

BLC content can be used as stand alone learning objects or integrated within a virtual learning environment.

Features include:

  • Bespoke design, graphics and UI
  • Targeted content for specific level of learning
  • Trackable (SCORM) assessment for use within a virtual learning environment
  • Accessible features for all learners

Visit the following preview sessions for examples of our work. Each learning object will open in a new window.


Some of our most recent content has been given the star treatment by our designers. The inclusion of bespoke 3D visualisation and modelling in our Construction, Carpentry and Brickwork sessions provide learners with an ideal way to learn this sometimes complex subject matter.


We have over 120 interactive Engineering learning resources across level 2 and 3. We also work closely with GTA Training to support their blended learning offer.

Engineering - Video resources

Below are some example stand-alone video resources from the many created by the blended learning team at HoW College.

Motor Vehicle

LMS integration

At Heart of Worcestershire College, we run a blended learning programme for all Level 2 and Level 3 learners called ELEMENTS. This runs alongside their face to face sessions but gives them time to learn independently via Moodle, for either 1 or 2 hours per week.

The BLC learning activities are embedded within the programme alongside many other tasks, giving the learners a range of interactive activities to participate in.

An example of project based learning

One part of Elements is a 6 week project where students are given a real life scenario or task, in order to gain a comprehensive set of competency based skills to take into employment, such as communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.