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Each year, the Consortium develops and releases interactive e-learning content using pooled consortium funds. The subject areas developed are the result of democratic voting from the consortium members, with the top voted for subjects being put through to development based on the available funds. Additional subject areas are then added as funds become available from new member subscriptions. As well as having access to the current years resources, members are able to cherry pick the most suitable subject areas from those previously developed allowing consortium members to tailor their chosen content to suit their requirements.

To view a sample session from any of the subject areas, click on the links below.

Current year (2019/20)

Voting has taken place for the current years development. The following subject areas will be developed:

  • Tutorial E3 Soft Skills (Mental Health, Sexual Heath and Relationships, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Citizenship and Voting etc.)
  • New Essential Digital Skills Framework
  • Safeguarding
  • New Digital Functional Skills
  • Teacher Training L4 and L5
  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Maths
  • ESOL E2
  • ESOL E3

Resource library

Click the link below to view a preview (BETA) of our upcoming Access to Higher Education course built using Articulate Rise:

Access to HE - Evaluating HE opportunities

Use the following links to open an accessibility version (Word or PDF) of one of the BLC sessions. We are currently undergoing production to include these for every individual session.


Resources include audio narration

Resources currently in production

English and Maths



Bespoke Video Resources

Stand-alone bespoke video resources developed in the following areas: