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As a Consortium, we are in a position to negotiate with companies and sponsors to obtain discounts and benefits for all Consortium colleges, all of which are outlined below along with relevant contact details and links if you wish to find out more.

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  • starArticulate Storyline
    Articulate Storyline 2

    We have secured a reduced purchase price for all Consortium members for Articulate Storyline 3 at a saving of up to 50% per license. Considered an industry standard tool for e-learning development. We recommend SL3 to all BLC members due to it's rich features and familiar interface. Contact us for more details:

    For advice on using Storyline visit the Articulate community:

  • starBlackboard Ally
    blackboard ally

    Accessible Content Is Better Content

    Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that integrates seamlessly into the Learning Management System and focuses on making digital course content more accessible.

    Blackboard Ally £4,999 (&VAT) for BLC Member FE Colleges with up to 8000 FTEs or 10000 total users.

    Instead of users needing to be aware of yet another platform, Blackboard Ally fits into your existing VLE with some key feature/benefit areas, including:

    1) Alternative Accessible Versions – Blackboard Ally automatically generates more accessible alternative for course content and makes these available to all users within the course within minutes

    Blackboard Ally Alternative Accessible Versions

    2) Instructor feedback – Blackboard Ally provides the instructor with feedback about the accessibility of their course content and guidance on how to fix identified accessibility issues.

    Blackboard Ally Alternative Instructor feedback

    3) Institutional Reporting – Blackboard Ally provides an institution-wide course content accessibility report that allows for deep insight and understanding into how the institution is performing and evolving and what the problem areas are.

    Blackboard Ally Alternative Institutional Reporting

    The changes for FE Colleges in terms of website accessibility come into force in September 2019 and many institutions are still understanding their responsibilities in terms of their VLE. Broadly speaking, modern-SaaS systems like Blackboard Learn, Canvas and hosted/self-hosted Moodle will be compliant BUT any user generated content in those systems is a huge unknown. JISC have published some information and we’d urge you to look at the All Parliamentary Group Report on VLE accessibility

    Blackboard Ally is a tool specifically designed to unpick the ‘black box’ of content accessibility and to help to protect your institution, on an ongoing basis, against any potential litigation arising from this new law. If I asked you how accessible your staff generated teaching resources are, you probably wouldn’t know the answer. Ally will automatically improve the accessibility of VLE content, provide in context training to staff, automatically generate alternative versions based on student requests and provide an overview of your system including highlighting particular areas of challenge.

    Blackboard Ally is simple to install, use and manage and brings a host of benefits beyond supporting you to meet your legal obligations. It is compatible with Moodle and Canvas (soon D2L), and so you do not need to be our VLE client to use this. We’re delighted to partner with the BLC to make this offer and hope it makes purchasing such a great solution more affordable for FE. This discount is significant from list price and is only available to BLC members.

    To contact Blackboard Ally, visit their website by clicking the link below:

  • starbulb

    bulb is a beautiful, easy to use, web-based digital portfolio.

    bulb is where students and educators curate and create, share and showcase their excellence.

    bulb provides an innovative, easy and powerful ePortfolio environment to study, socialise and showcase student and educator academic achievements and brilliance.

    Please review this brief video for a quick overview:

    bulb is built for both the educator and the student. bulb users gather information, develop ideas and then share and showcase their work in a beautiful format. And, most importantly, bulb is uniquely designed so the user owns, creates, updates and continues to enhance their content for life no matter where their educational and occupational learning journey leads them.

    Students use bulb digital portfolios to document the learning process, reflect on past work, showcase final products, receive feedback, make adjustments and develop a healthy digital presence.

    Educators use bulb to model to their students the importance and practical application of a career digital portfolio. They do this by capturing their own goals, growth, continuing education and reflection, as well as designing lessons and assignments to deliver quality curriculum to their students.

    "Electronic portfolios are no longer just a good idea; they are an exceptional and a powerful element of college and career readiness"

    Emerging Edtech Magazine

      As an academic tool:

    • bulb encourages collaboration – features allow students and teachers to easily interact with one another and effectively engage in a peer review process.
    • bulb emphasizes the documentation & refinement of process – learning is far more than just the final product; research shows that showing work and demonstrating the process of discovery is fundamental to knowledge acquisition.
    • bulb promotes formative assessment – educators can more easily identify their students’ strengths, abilities and passions. Differentiate students based on what they actually accomplish rather than just a test score or a GPA.
    • bulb develops healthy digital citizenshipbulb equips students to understand what is appropriate online and how to manage their online presence.
    • As software:

    • bulb is easy – we believe technology should make life better. Digital Portfolios ought to make the collection, curation and showcasing of knowledge simple. bulb lives by the 90/10 rule: 90% of your time should go to creating and showcasing ideas and 10% should go to getting to know the tool.
    • bulb is beautiful – a portfolio should be something to be proud of. bulb is meticulous about beautiful design and its purpose is to make ideas beautiful and compelling.
    • bulb is compatible – good tools should interact well with other education software. bulb connects easily with Google, Microsoft, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology and many more essential education apps.
    • BESTest

      As a lifelong tool:

    • bulb is practical – your work, ideas, inventions and musings should be easy to create and always available to you for refinement, sharing and showcasing.
    • bulb is portable – learning and content creation should be possible anywhere. bulb is web-based, so it goes with you everywhere, on any device. Wherever you go, bulb is always with you.
    • bulb is private – your work should be protected. Only you should decide who sees your work and when they see it. If you want to make your work available to specific individuals or the general public you can; if you never want anyone to see it, that’s an option, too.
    • bulb is personal – your work should always be your own. No matter where you teach, where you learn, or what you do with the work you’ve created, it should be yours forever, to use however and whenever you wish.

    Buy bulbSchool for a special price as a BLC member

    • Up to 10,000 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £1750
    • 10,001 to 20,000 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £3000
    • Over 20,001 students & staff – Year ONE Active Host Model £5000

    The above special pricing models allow;
    - all staff & students to use bulb during the first year of usage
    - staff to benefit from free-of-charge online training at the time of deployment
    - only active users will be charged in years two and three

    Examples of Excellent Educator and Student bulb Portfolios:

    View this pdf for more information about bulb:

    bulb website:

    bulbSchool product site:

    Email us for more information about bulb:

  • starCengage
    Cengage Learning logo

    The Blended Learning Consortium has negotiated a 30% discount on a range of textbooks and e-books published by Cengage, including books on Beauty, Electrical, Hairdressing, Catering and Automotive.

    This offer also includes CengageSkills Online (learn.cengage.com/CengageSkillsOnline) a subscription that offers you and your department access to up to 10 of 34 select Cengage eBooks to help deliver a consistent, cost-effective programme. Visit the Cengage website for more information or see details of all the offers below:

    Details for each offer are below.


    Beauty therapy:

    Catering and hospitality:

    Electrical installation:


    Cengage Skills Online:

  • starCentury Intelligent Learning
    Century Intelligent Learning

    CENTURY is an adaptive learning platform that uses artificial intelligence, the power of big data analytics and insights drawn from cognitive neuroscience to improve learning outcomes for students. Visit thier website for more information.

    We want all colleges to benefit from the opportunities offered by CENTURY and are offering a 20% discount to members of the consortium. The discounted rate includes:

    • access to the platform's maths and English GCSE and Functional Skills content
    • access for all learners to their personalised recommended learning path
    • access for teachers to the content management system to create and upload your own content
    • access to the teacher dashboard, which provides data and insights into your students' learning
    • training on how best to use CENTURY

    Email CENTURY to learn more about the offer and to arrange a platform demonstration.

  • starC-Learning - BLC G-Suite
  • starClickView
    Century Intelligent Learning

    ClickView, relevant, educational content at your fingertips

    Blended Learning Consortium offer: Ongoing 20% discount

    As educators, we know that each student learns differently. We believe that video is the perfect way to engage with any student, despite differences in learning preferences. At ClickView, our goal is to give educators the best opportunity to create a rich learning experience through video education for students.

    ClickView is the world’s leading producer of educational videos

    • Our team of educators produce video content from Primary, Secondary right through to Further and Higher education with additional resources to drive deeper learning.
    • We also continuously record 24 Freeview channels, as well as 8 European satellite channels. You can find any programme from the past 28 days on ClickView TV.
    • We curate requested educational programmes from the BBC RES archive and provide this high-quality content on ClickView.

    Enrich your library experience with existing systems

    • Seamlessly integrates with popular VLEs including Moodle, Microsoft, Google Classroom, Canvas, and more.
    • Access ClickView with Single Sign-On (SSO) using existing staff and student accounts. No need for a new password!
    • Our digital signage solution gives you the space to display the latest video content at your school and college.
    • Save internet bandwidth and load high quality videos faster with Local Cache.

    Turn passive viewing into active learning experiences

    • Create active learning experiences by adding annotations, short answer questions, and multiple choice responses to deepen understanding and feedback.
    • Educators receive detailed reporting within ClickView, which provide measurable results of video viewing and concept comprehension.
    • Our Interactive videos support blended learning as students can engage deeply with the video both in and out of the classroom.

    Learn more about ClickView by visiting our website:

    Email Chris Woods at ClickView to learn more:

  • starD2L | Brightspace

    It’s an exciting and challenging time for Further Education as the spotlight falls on the sector to train the next generation of employees. Technology is helping Further Education Institutions to attract more students, diversify incomes and improve business efficiencies through the provision of flexible online offerings and a more personalised learning paths experience.


    About Brightspace

    Brightspace is a cloud-based learning platform that makes online and blended learning easy, flexible, and smart. Brightspace is not like a traditional Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – it is easy to drag-and-drop content to create engaging courses, better uptime, supports all mobile devices, and is accessible for all learners. Plus, Brightspace enables the future of learning with a gaming engine, adaptive learning, video management, intelligent agents, course interactives, full support for outcomes or competency-based learning, and world-leading learning analytics.

    About D2L

    D2L believes learning is the foundation upon which all progress and achievement rests. Working closely with clients, D2L has transformed the way millions of people learn online or in the classroom. Learn more about D2L for schools, higher education and further education at www.D2L.com.

    Click here to learn more about this exclusive offer:

    Email Callum-Howat Tracy at D2L for more information:

  • starDatalytix

    Datalytix - Cyber Essentials Certification Offer

    For the 2020 to 2021 funding year, there will be a requirement for all providers who have an existing ESFA funding contract to meet the requirements for Cyber Essentials Basic, with progression to Cyber Essentials Plus from the 2021 to 2022 funding year.

    The Cyber Essentials Scheme is a simple yet effective, Government-backed framework that will help protect your organisation against a range of the most common internet based cyber-attacks.

    From the small-scale start-up to established and growing organisations, the Cyber Essentials Scheme will help reduce the impact of such threats as: Phishing Attacks, Malware, Ransomware, Password guessing and network-based attacks.

    The Scheme is run by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) through a single delivery partner, 'The IASME Consortium' in association with a UK wide network of Certification Bodies, professional organisations trained and licenced to deliver Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

    By becoming a certified organisation under this scheme, you will be better protected from the most common cyber threats while also demonstrating that you take information security seriously – which means peace of mind for you, your students, parents, governors, partners, insurers; in fact, for anyone you deal with.

    We have developed a short e-learning module explainer on Cyber Essentials, why it is required, and the steps required to become certified.

    See the course here:

    Cyber Essentials Offer to BLC Members:

    DATALYTIX are offering 20% off all Cyber Essentials consultancy and certification services to members.

    We are also offering a FREE online Cyber Essentials Gap Analysis Assessment:

    View here:

    For more information and pricing, click here to register and start your Cyber Essentials journey with us.

    We can assist with all aspects of the certification process from initial gap analysis audit, technical assistance and secure portal access for assessment submission.

    We aim to assess your Cyber Essentials application submission and issue a certificate of compliance, if successful, within 7 days.

    About us:

    Datalytix Ltd. are a licenced Certification Body for the Cyber Essentials Scheme and have been awarded the IASME Gold status for data governance.

    With over 15 years’ experience working in Further Education in a variety of technical and senior management roles, ranging from MIS, IT and e-learning, our Managing Director, Stephen Parry, started the business with the aim of providing valuable, cost effective information governance measures for those organisations that do not necessarily have the resources or expertise to be able to implement and support such initiatives.

    We are passionate about the Education and Skills sector and we want providers to prosper in today's climate.

    Contact us for more information:

  • starDolphin Computer Access

    At Dolphin we believe that all students should be able to access learning materials independently, whatever their level of sight. We design and develop software from the ground up to help people who are blind, visually impaired, or dyslexic achieve that.

    We’re pleased to offer BLC members 20% discount on our SuperNova and EasyConverter software solutions - quote ref BLC20DISCOUNT


    With SuperNova on a laptop, desktop or tablet, students can magnify and enlarge text and images up to 64 times, change colour schemes and settings to suit their own individual visual needs, browse websites and add optional speech and braille. The inbuilt Connect & View feature enables them to connect wirelessly to the classroom whiteboard and magnify the content on their own device, as well as plug in a USB camera to view handouts and printed material in the same way as using a video magnifier.


    EasyConverter enables teachers and library staff to quickly and easily convert inaccessible text into large print, audio or braille output, allowing the student to study alongside sighted peers or in their own time.

    Input documents in Word, PDF, text, html and many other file formats, or scan paper documents and take advantage of the inbuilt OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

    All Dolphin products are available as a FREE 30 day trial with FREE UK technical support by telephone or email.

    If you prefer to discuss your options over the phone, call us on 01905 754577. Ask us about flexible licencing options to suit your college.

    Ready to buy?

    Purchase online through our website or call us on 01905 754577 – don’t forget discount code BLC20DISCOUNT for 20% off.

    Visit our website:

  • starEduCare

    Safeguarding and Duty of Care service for your staff

    EduCare provides a complete online training package for induction and refresher CPD training for Colleges and University staff called EduCare for Education – Colleges and Universities®.

    The package includes a wide range of courses to help staff safeguard students, such as ‘Safeguarding Young People’, ‘The Prevent duty’ and ‘Mental Wellbeing’, as well as courses on GDPR, Equality and Diversity and Health & Safety for staff inductions.

    The package includes a robust reporting suite that enables colleges to evidence safeguarding training has taken place in accordance with statutory obligations as well as manage all staff learning and progress.

    Blended Learning Consortium members qualify for a 20% discount off the entire service.

    Blended learning resources for your students

    EduCare also work with colleges to provide their students with direct access to CPD certified training resources. These resources provide evidence for course portfolios, enhance their study programmes and get them placement ready for subjects such as Health and Social Care, Early Years and Childhood, Sport, and Hospitality & Catering.

    By mapping our courses to curricula, students have been able to practice real blended learning by completing courses as part of organised group sessions or in their own time.

    Find out how Solihull College and University Centre train both staff and students in this video:

    Visit our website:

    Please contact us with any enquiries:

  • starElli
    enlighten logo

    Defines the Learner's Journey

    ELLI, product of research at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, has been validated among more than 100,000 students and others seeking to change their life choices. It does not ‘pigeon-hole’ as the psychometric tools traditionally do but ELLI’s 7 dimensions direct and monitor the learner’s journey over time.

    Learning interventions and methods appropriate to this student learner

    Learning interventions and methods

    Course and teaching methods unsuitable with motivation rekindled by change

    Course and teaching methods


    Student competition:

    Student competition - student entry guidelines:

    Staff competition EXCLUSIVE to BLC faculty:

    Story of Elli:

    For more informatio contact Dr Juliet Williams CBE:
    t: (+44) 7831 097946

    Visit Elli on the web:

  • starEnlighten
    enlighten logo

    Enlighten are an award-winning eLearning solutions team who have over 40 years of experience in the education sector with branches across the Midlands. We work with you to determine which eLearning solutions will best meet your specific vision and offer a complete service, including auditing, course writing, face to face training, bespoke and off the shelf online packages, eLearning implementation plans, seminars and AR/VR services.

    Enlighten are offering special AR/VR related discounts for BLC colleges.

    We provide a wide range of virtual & augmented reality training solutions including:

    • Our award winning interactive 3D AR/VR Virtual construction site
    • Zappar - Augmented Reality Platform
    • Virtual Reality solutions

    Read more about this offer:

    Or contact Steve Wileman for more information:

  • stareNotify
    eNotify logo

    eNotify allows you to track and monitor learner absence.

    Staff automatically know when learners have notified the college that they are not coming in. eNotify links to your register system, easily identifying learners not in class who have failed to notify the college – safeguarding is at the heart of the system!

    Links to a web-based dashboard to allow you to analyse statistics and trends and put in early interventions to improve attendance.

    To find out more visit our website:

    To book a 15 minute online demonstration or to find out more information call us on 01689 452432 or email us:

    Member offer - 10% discount if sign up to 2 years

    Please see our other offers - eSpirALS and eTrackr

  • stareSpirALS
    eSpirALS logo

    The only system solely dedicated to planning, tracking and monitoring all types of support for disability, learning difficulty, mental health and any other support need.

    Whether you support 5 or 5000, eSpirALS provides a best practice framework for managing support for individuals and groups, enhancing every aspect of your information management.

    The key stages of support are all catered for in a flexible and hugely configurable core system designed for managers, team leaders and administrators.

    To find out more about eSpirALS or to book an online presentation visit:

    Alternatively call us on 020 8847 0214

    As a Blended Learning Consortium member when you buy eSpirALS you will be entitled to free Implementation Training and Consultancy (usually £995) delivered over three sessions.

    Please see our other offers - eNotify and eTrackr

  • stareTrackr
    eTrackr logo

    Our online eILP tracks and monitors performance.

    eTrackr-ilp brings together all the information into one central hub; it provides a one-stop shop for tracking, monitoring, measuring and analysing performance against targets whilst supporting the Five Headline Performance Measures.

    To find out more visit our website

    To book a demonstration or for more information call us on 01689 885068 or email:

    Offer 1 – Sign up to 5 years and get 10% discount

    Offer 2 – Sign up for 3 years and get eNotify (worth up to £5,000) free for one year

    Offer 3 – A free day of training for all new customers signing up for our standard licence

    Offers apply to new customers only. Only one offer available per customer.

    Please see our other offers - eSpirALS and eNotify

  • starFreeformers
    freeformers logo

    Freeformers: Champion-led Change

    Freeformers’ Champion Management Platform enables your College staff to overcome common cultural challenges around workforce agility and digital adoption, using social learning programmes and a world first Champion Management Platform

    Further Education Colleges are responsible for educating students about new subjects and technology but also need to consider new ways of working and new digital tools to help them operate efficiently and structure themselves. Due to the speed of change there is a need for College employees to become forward thinking agile and digitally fluent from administration to teaching staff. Freeformers have been working with the Higher Education Sector to develop a more confident digital mindset including the adoption of new tools like Office 365.

    Freeformers Champion Management Platform solves these problems by creating peer networks that are effective, scaleable, measureable and create lasting impact. Each College will be invited to nominate Champions whom are granted access to download our Mentor App onto their smartphone. Every colleague they then run sessions with are given access to Seeker a web interface that syncs with Mentor. Also a central administrator will have access to a dashboard tracking the impact of the delivered sessions.

    freeformers icon

    For your champions

    Mentor gives champions everything they need to host interactive bitesize sessions with their colleagues, get live video support from coaches and receive new experiences on the go.

    freeformers icon

    For your people

    Seeker lets all your staff sync to interactive sessions and save experiences for later.

    freeformers icon

    For your managers

    Master gives managers the complete picture on programme performance.

    myday logo
    myday logo

    The Mentor app will have 3 learning packages pre loaded and ready to use.

    1. Digital Life - Always learning, Mastering your Mobile, Solution Finding, Digital Tools & Forward Thinking
    2. Office 365 Collaborating, Sharing and Communicating
    3. Cyber Security Spotting a Scam, Passwords, Protecting my Data and Internet of Things

    Exclusive offer to BLC members:

    Each College to be granted access to Freeformers Champion Management Platform at 50% discount, which is £2.4k per College per year. This includes licenses for 8 Champions, 160 seats to Seeker, and a unique dashboard called Master.

    We are already working with FTE institutions and have proven our ability to deliver impact:

    • X 6 increase in staff response rates to surveys
    • X 2 usage of new technology (e.g. MS Teams)
    • X 8 increase in Customer NPS

    Please contact us for more information:

    t: + 44 (0) 7710 134178

    Click here for to view this offer in PDF format:

  • starGlobal Vocational Skills
    gvs logo

    Global Vocational Skills is a UK based company specializing in digital learning, with thousands of users globally.

    Our content, i-GVS, is designed to help improve delivery of vocational skills based training.

    This is delivered by own cloud based platform, GVS PiLOT, which provides access to individually tailored metrics and reports, and integrates seamlessly with your VLE.

    BLC members special offer

    BLC members will get a special price with a 50% discount for 20-30 learning hours of your selected content for each i-GVS product.

    The i-GVS products are in the following areas:

    • Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 2
    • Food and Beverage Service Level 2
    • Food Production and Cooking Level 2
    • Health and Social Care (Adults) Level 3
    • Hairdressing Level 3
    • Business Administration Level 2
    • Plumbing and Heating Level 2
    • Carpentry and Joinery Level 2
    • Painting and Decorating Level 2
    • Electrical Installation Level 2
    • Bricklaying Level 2
    • Customer Service Level 3

    With this bundle, you get the following benefits:

    • Free access to delivery platform GVS PiLOT which provides reports, analytics and metrics of user activity
    • Free access to the Content Management System (CMS) – a customisation tool that allows to add or edit products content
    • Sample Schemes of Work for each unit/topic
    • Downloadable tutor support materials

    Please contact us for more information:

    t: +44(0)203 865 0401

    Alternatively visit our website:

  • starHypersay
    hypersay logo

    If you use PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations in your classroom and allow students to use their laptops, HYPERSAY can turn them into an interactive dialogue with your students.

    The key features of Hypersay are:

    • Students cannot hide behind their computer screens. The Participant Bar allows both teachers and students to immediately see when someone has left the presentation.
    • Gives each student an equal voice when students use the Question Wall. Teachers can dedicate time during the lesson to answer the most popular or interesting questions.
    • Keeps students engaged with interactivity through quizzes, polls, videos and/or links. This can be done prior to the lesson or immediately on the spot.
    • Encourages independent thinking when Teachers ask difficult open ended questions. Teachers can see each keystroke as the students respond. Afterwards the teacher can share (or not share) some responses with all students for further discussion.
    • Allows students to take notes on each slide.
    • Gives each student their own dashboard to revisit the presentation. No further need to send the presentation to a student.
    • Allows teachers immediate feedback with the feedback form on every presentation.

    As part of our new partnership with Blended Learning, Hypersay will be offering 50% discounts to Blended Learning Consortium members who purchase Hypersay before Jan 1st, 2019. We also offer free training and comprehensive support.

    Pay £500 (after 50% discount) per school, per year


    Pay £5 (after 50% discount) per student per year

    Try Hypersay for free today in your classroom. Just register and convert your presentation into an interactive dialogue.

    To book a demonstration contact Brian Daly:

    Visit our website for more information:

  • staritslearning
    itsLearning logo

    Collaborating tutors and students through a 360º transparent learning platform. Itslearning have what it takes to revolutionise learning outcomes, to improve social learning, communications and peer assessment. It is an intuitive, modern learning platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere.
    We are offering special discounts for colleges who are members of Blended Learning Consortium. Whether you are an individual college or groups of colleges, our cost-effective packages allow you to benefit from economies of scale.

    The discount on license price is as follows:

    • Individual college - 20%
    • 2-4 colleges - 30% (minimum of 5,000 users)
    • 5 colleges** or more - 50% (minimum of 15,000 users)

    Be part of this exclusive offer | Be part of the itslearning world

    Click here for more information about the available offer:

    Email Kate Kendall directly for more information:

  • starIPS - Integrated Payment Solutions
    IPS logo

    IPS provide’s a bespoke tailored solution, designed to connect with all your existing hardware and fully supported by our partners new hardware. As the only official partner of Pro-Solution, we integrate with all functions, in the following areas:

    • Access Control
    • Cashless Payments
    • Industry Placement Management/Work Experience Management
    • Automatic Registers
    • Enrolment and Visitor Management
    • ID Cards
    • Active Directories
    • Tills and Stock Control


    Free Trial of software on the condition that it fulfils the brief

    Buy 2 items from the suite and receive 10% discount on 2nd

    Buy 3 items from the suite and receive 20% discount on 2nd and 3rd

    Buy 4 items from the suite and receive 30% discount on 3rd and 4th

    Buy 5 items from the suite and receive 40% discount on 4th and 5th

    Buy 6 items from the suite and receive 50% on all of the above plus 6th item free

    Multiple items work perfectly for groups of Colleges or several campus’

    Contact us for more information:

    t: 0845 468 1168

  • starLucas Nuelle
    Lucas Nuelle

    Lucas-Nülle GmbH develops and produces innovative training systems for education and vocational training. We provide the training equipment and associated e-Learning courses and assessments.

    For more than 20 years, the company has pioneered digital education. All teaching equipment is connected to digital learning content, which guides the user in experimental learning to ensure their success. In 15 different fields of engineering, Lucas-Nülle offers complete learning solutions. Using the LN training and assessment solutions, students are supported in their learning to gain qualifications up to Level 6.

    Lucas Nuelle Training

    Specialisms include:

    • Automation (Industry 4.0)
    • Automotive Engineering (including Electric and Hybrid Technology, accredited by IMI)
    • Renewable Energy/SMART Grid
    • Electrical/Electronic Engineering

    To see how one university has implemented Lucas-Nülle products take a look at this video:

    Get a short impression of what Lucas-Nülle offers:

    An example of a training system for hybrid and electrical vehicles:

    Lucas Nuelle BLC Discount

    Email Janak Patel:

    or Dirk Schönian to learn more:

    Visit our website for more information:

  • starLumici Slate
    Lumici Slate logo

    Lumici Slate is a brand new cloud based platform with no maintenance, no managed hosting, no administration required. Members of the consortium can get a 20% discount on the annual subscription of Lumici Slate – that’s just £1995 per year.

    Click here for more information about the Lumici Slate platform:

  • starMicrolearn

    MicroLearn is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Blended Learning Consortium.

    At MicroLearn, we do things a bit differently because we know learning is personal. That’s why we develop our cost-effective, off-the-shelf learning resources to suit your organisation. We all learn differently, so why should all learning be the same?

    Take a look at how our engaging resources perfectly coincide with the Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship:

    To create truly effective and engaging content, we decided that we needed to take a fresh approach to learning development. With this ethos, we have designed a catalogue of resources which can be tailored to the learning needs of your organisation. Whether you need a compact learning module, or only have time for a 2 minute video, you’ll find the resources right for you.

    We are happy to offer all Consortium members a price of £2500 for our entire ever-growing range! Take a look at our catalogue here:

    Why not try some of our resources for FREE yourself?

    For more information, you can visit our website or contact us directly:

    Alternatively, they can be contacted directly for further details about their training solutions:

  • starMindful Education

    Mindful Education specialise in creating media-rich professional courses & apprenticeships.

    In partnership with colleges across the UK, we design courses that are highly flexible, allowing students to choose how, when and where they want to study.

    Our courses are bursting with high-quality media and digital content for learners; from animations and film, to case studies and online exercises, with a bespoke virtual learning environment for every course we make.

    Our professional courses & apprenticeships include areas such as accounting, law, management and HR.

    BLC Members: Special Offer

    Partnering with Mindful Education provides Consortium members with an additional £1,000 marketing budget for colleges that choose Mindful Education for any of their professional courses & apprenticeships offer.

    To access the special offer for Consortium members, please click here:

    You can learn more about how colleges work with Mindful Education to provide greater flexibility to students by watching a 3 minute case study with one of their partners below:

    Equally, please visit their website for more details:

  • starNavigate

    As the market-leading Work-Related Learning Platform, Navigate supports every aspect of the Study Programme learner journey. What’s more, it provides colleges with all the evidence they need to satisfy inspection of employability skills, work experience and employer engagement.

    Navigate is designed to:

    Assess employability skills:

    • Engaging online initial diagnostic and distance travelled assessments
    • Bespoke assessments to match college employability frameworks
    • Cohort starting point and distance travelled reports
    • National benchmarking reports

    Evidence Work-Related Learning:

    • ‘Off the shelf’ online learning content
    • Bespoke learning content to match college programmes
    • Evidencing learning through an innovative online portfolio, allowing learners to upload photos, videos and documents
    • Motivating completion of employability activity through instant certification

    Track work experience:

    • Tracking every learner’s work placement preparation
    • Collating all work experience documentation in a single online space
    • Capturing placement activity through online journals, that include photo and video
    • Evidencing learner performance through online employer feedback

    Encouraging engagement:

    • Smartphone-friendly
    • Links directly to leading eILP’s
    • Full engagement reporting
    • High quality training and dedicated customer support

    We’d be happy to show you how Navigate can drive up Work-Related Learning in your college, and drive down all of your associated costs. Simply contact us to book a chat:

    Alternatively, phone Chris on: (01634) 729 818

    In addition, we are pleased to offer members of the Blended Learning Consortium a 25% discount on all learner licenses for Navigate.

  • starNCFE

    BESTest Employability Diagnostic

    BESTest is an employability skills diagnostic assessment tool developed by NCFE in partnership with Reed, the employment specialists, and provides an objective and accurate assessment of a learners' work readiness. It has been designed to help providers:

    • identify and agree learners' baseline strengths and weaknesses
    • design tailored, and personal learning plans based upon those strengths and weaknesses
    • assess suitability
    • accurately track and measure distance travelled

    This psychometric assessment quickly, accurately and objectively measures your learners' employability skills. It is taken online and can be completed in just 10 minutes. As well as an overall score, each learner receives a set of ten underlying scores that relate to the important employability skills indicators such as; interview techniques and job search skills, and to vital personal qualities such as; motivation and sociability, that make all the difference with employers. BESTest is hosted by ForSkills, one of the leading online providers for English and maths assessments and learning resources for post-16 education and e-portfolios.

    Blended learning consortium members are able to access a discount of up to a 20% discount on all learner licences up to a value of £1,000.


    NCFE Blended Learning Programmes Supporting Employability

    NCFE recognise that employability skills delivery within a study programme poses various challenges to providers, including; tutor time, staying abreast of the latest workplace and recruitment practices, interpretation of labour market intelligence and the pressure to use innovative and absorbing learning materials.

    In conjunction with REED, NCFE has developed three blended learning programmes, providing both tutors and learners with an interactive delivery and engaging learning experience. All three programmes come with an interactive tutor interface and a range of embedded resources such as videos, games and assessment activities. They have been designed to provide a solution to the employability learning requirements within study programmes.

    Each programme:

    • is held on a moodle platform and contains a bespoke tutor delivery interface
    • contains a scheme of work, session plans, tutor notes and learner led activities
    • contains access to online interactive resources including learning games, advice and guidance, videos, and PDF workbooks
    • includes a range of online and classroom based extension resources
    • has differentiated assessment challenge at Levels 1 – 3

    The programmes are:

    1. Study Programme Enrichment
    During this programme learners will understand themselves, the working world around them and develop the skills needed to progress into their chosen route.

    2. Progression to work experience Yr1 and Yr2
    During this programme learners are able to build skills and confidence to secure and succeed in their own work experience placement.

    3. Progression to Apprenticeships
    During this programme learners will be able to apply their knowledge and skills and increase their chances of obtaining a valuable apprenticeship programme.

    Customers who purchase all programmes will automatically receive a discount of 10%. Blended learning consortium members can access an additional discount of up to a 20%.

    Make an enquiry

    Please email us if you are interested in finding out more information about either BESTest or the Blended Learning Programmes:


    iObserve - The Ultimate Observation Tool

    An exclusive 20% discount brought to you by NCFE. NCFE iObserve is a new observation tool that enables you to save valuable time and reduce paperwork by having an electronic record of all of your observations.

    NCFE iObserve is accessible on both Apple and Android devices and allows you to:

    • record observations using either audio or video
    • time stamp criteria
    • give instant feedback
    • upload and review recordings
    • create a signed declaration

    With the potential to save you hours of work, NCFE iObserve has been designed to ensure you can process your marking and graded observations with ease and efficiency. All of this data is stored on your device and can be easily exported to a computer. You can also review all of your saved work on your device and even jump back to the time points within recordings. A list of the course requirements met and their times is also shown along with the signatures and dates.

    NCFE iObserve is available at a reduced rate of £38.40 for a 12 month tablet subscription or £399.99 for a desktop subscription for all Blended Learning Consortium members.

    Click here to apply your discount code and to purchase this product.

  • starOvert

    Blended Learning Consortium ‘Autumn Term’ savings from Overt Software

    We are based in the UK and provide solutions to businesses and educational institutions all over the world. Overt Software has harnessed the power of open source software and has developed a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) packages.

    With our ethos of “exceptional service and honest expert advice”, being at the heart of everything we do, we are happy to give a 20% discount for Consortium Members for the first year (new customers to Overt Software only).

    Hosted Moodle Solution

    Our hosted servers are backed up by our complete range of server support activities. This package gives you a worry-free hosted solution, ideal for ensuring the smooth running of your applications. We give you a truly excellent solution for a busy institutional environment.

    Mahara Cloud e-Portfolio

    We can integrate your Mahara e-Portfolio with Moodle to take advantage of Moodle’s tracking, reporting and grading functionality. We create true single-sign-on between both Mahara and Moodle systems.

    Shibboleth Cloud Single Sign-On

    We understand that managing hundreds of user accounts that access online resources only adds to the daily load within the LRC & IT Departments. With Overt’s Shibboleth single sign-on solution, staff & learners are able to access online resources 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Shibboleth Azure AD/ADFS Authentication Module (SAAM)

    With more and more organisations utilising the power of Azure/Office 365 and ADFS a new problem has emerged. Users are now needing to sign on to multiple SSO systems (Azure AD/ADFS and Shibboleth) negating the benefits that SSO brings. That is why we have developed SAAM, as this bridges the authentication between the multiple SSO systems allowing users to simultaneously sign on to Azure AD/ADFS as well as Shibboleth (or another SSO system). This means that the user only needs 1 login to access all of their resources - bringing back true SSO.


    We are providing free Cloud IdP when you purchase our SAAM products. Please go to the samlservices website for more information:

    If you are interested in any of our packages and want to take advantage of our Blended Learning Consortium discounts, please feel free to contact our sales team:

    Alternatively, contact Graham Mason for more information:

    t: 07817 933 669

  • starPearson

    HN Online by Pearson

    HN Online is a digital solution created by Pearson that enables delivery of BTEC Higher National qualifications using a blended learning model. This way students engage with critical course content in their own time, allowing you to focus on delivering high value face-to-face teaching in the classroom.

    Available for BTEC Higher Nationals in Business (RQF)

    Content is available across a number of core, specialist and optional units of the BTEC Higher Nationals in Business (RQF) qualification.

    Created to save you time

    Creating online resources in-house requires a considerable investment of staff time. Each online unit covers 30 of the 60 required Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and covers all the learning outcomes listed in the specification so you can use classroom time more effectively.

    Integrates with your college's VLE

    HN Online can be accessed via a platform both you and your students are familiar with. Pearson will provide integration support and new user training to help you to become more comfortable with the functionality.

    Exclusive offer for BLC members

    Education providers can purchase access to HN Online at an introductory price of £60 per unit, per learner (excluding VAT). Content is available for 8 HNC Business units and 9 HND Business units.

    BLC members will receive access to two optional units free of charge when purchasing six core units for learners. Contact us today to find out more or to book a face to face demonstration of the content.

    Learn more about blended learning...

    Join our upcoming webinars to learn about different aspects of blended learning and how you can adopt it successfully at your centre.

    View the list of events and register now on our website.

  • starPlanet eStream
    planet eStream

    The Unified Media Platform Supporting Digital Strategy Across Further and Higher Education Globally

    Planet eStream offers a flexible way of supporting multiple media-based requirements from one central platform, offering…

    • Secure Media Library Creation
    • Live Streaming and Lecture Capture
    • Deep VLE Integration - Including Video Assignment Submission
    • 360-Degree Video Support
    • Access to TV & Radio Resources – Including Access to a Library of Over 2 million Programmes
    • Interactive Video and Quiz Tools
    • Photo Archiving
    • Centrally Managed Digital Signage
    • Multi-Track Video Editing
    • Tools to Create Flipped Learning Resources

    Powerful VLE Integrations

    Create a simple workflow for your educators with Planet eStream’s bespoke integrations for popular VLE’s and LMS platforms. Supported platforms include; Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle and SharePoint. These plugins enable educators to easily browse and add media to VLE course pages, additional media can also be uploaded directly from within their VLE – great for video assessment.

    Access to Great Content

    All Planet eStream subscribers who have access to our Planet eStream Connect service can benefit from a searchable database of great educational TV and radio resources to support teaching and learning. All content can be directly searched and added to your Planet eStream Media Library. Content includes:

    • The BBC Digital Archive - currently with over 2 million recordings dating back to 1989
    • The BBC Shakespeare Archive - currently with over 500 recordings dating back to the 1950’s
    • Planet eStream’s own Freeview TV and Radio Archive - currently with over 100,000 recordings from a wide cross-section of channels, dating back over a decade
    • Dedicated Blended Learning Consortium Channel – member colleges can browse and add their BLC subscription content to their own Planet eStream Media Library

    To discover more about what Planet eStream can offer your college, view product videos, read about benefits of Planet eStream or book a demonstration, please visit our website:

    Read how Planet eStream is a “Cornerstone of Online Delivery Strategy” for Berkshire College of Agriculture:

    Read how Planet eStream has “Helped Kirklees College Meet Feltag Recommendations”:

    Planet eStream Special Offer for BLC Members

    Planet eStream are proud to be an official commercial sponsor of the Blended Learning Consortium and member colleges can benefit from the following exclusive offers:

    • 20% off year one subscription costs for new subscribers to Planet eStream – offer available on subscriptions with a minimum contract value of £3,759 plus VAT before discount is applied.
    • 20% off year one subscription costs for existing Planet eStream perpetual licence holders who migrate to our cloud platform.

    To discover more about what Planet eStream can offer your college, view product videos, read about benefits of Planet eStream or book a demonstration, please visit our website.

    Contact Matthew Hastings for more information:

  • starPractice Labs
    Practice Labs

    Practice Labs is an IT competency hub where learners gain hands-on IT skills within a safe, live environment and can prove their proficiency to assessors and employers.

    Learners access via browser or LMS and use actual hardware and software, making them more attractive to employers offering work placements or apprenticeships.

    Practice Labs cover all fundamental IT topics and are aligned with certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco and VMware. Exam Preps check learners’ readiness for certification.

    We're convinced that the Practice Labs solution will have a positive impact on your IT student experience and learning outcomes, so we've partnered with BLC to create this unmissable offer. Take advantage of this special BLC offer and discover first-hand how our best-in-class solution can help you to:

    • improve digital literacy
    • support your curriculum objectives
    • build IT confidence
    • enrich student outcomes
    • increase work-readiness
    • extend employability prospects

    Got some questions? Our Practice Labs guru, Paul, is at your disposal.

    Visit our landing page for more information:

  • starQuiss

    No-one understands the importance of every learner having access to appropriate, reliable technology, better than those, like us, who work with it on a daily basis.

    Technology and its importance in the world will only increase and we work with colleges and schools to ensure every learner can interact with technology that not only helps them learn, but inspires their future life choices.

    We offer a free comprehensive technology audit, assessing your network and technology environment, with a discussion of how you currently use technology and what you hope to achieve in the future.

    To read more about how we can help your staff and learners get more out of your technology investment then visit the links below:

    Cyber security offer:

    Discounted products offer:

    Education brochure:

    On premises Vs Cloud offer:

    Email us for enquiries:

    Visit our website for more information:

  • starSkills Forward
    Skills Forward logo

    Skills Forward is the UK’s leading e-learning provider for English, maths and ICT assessments and learning resources for post-16 education and e-portfolios.

    Blended Learning consortium members are entitled to 20% off any of our products. To access a FREE trial first, please email our sales team:

    To speak with a member of our team, call 01623 709818 or talk to us via live chat:

    Our specialist knowledge and innovative approach set us apart from our competitors. These qualities ensure that we are frequently chosen to help educationalists and companies to deliver a wide range of learning projects which place learners at the heart of our technology.

    Our Products

    SkillsBuilder – the industry-leading suite of assessments and resources. SkillsBuilder is our unique suite of initial and diagnostic assessments and learning resources in Functional Skills English, maths and ICT, and GCSE English and maths. Both programmes are in line with the appropriate national standards allowing for simple and efficient tracking. Our packages also include assessments in ESOL , learning styles, PLTS and mechanical comprehension .

    SkillsPortfolio - Unlike anything you have used before, SkillsPortfolio is a user-friendly and comprehensive cloud-based e-portfolio system that has the capacity to upload and store your organisation’s QCF qualifications/standards. It guides your centres through the assessment framework, reducing the cost of qualification delivery and, most importantly, engaging your learners.

    No more dull paperwork or filing. With SkillsPortfolio you can upload photos and videos, record discussions and collect observations as evidence for the full qualification spectrum.

    SkillsPortfolio includes our unique sampling plans that allow plan periods to be set in advance, capturing all appropriate evidence types within a qualification unit. In addition, links allow evidence to be viewed for every learner and then selected as needed. The sampling plan overview clearly shows the number of pieces of evidence sampled and those yet to be sampled.

    SkillsPortfolio seamlessly integrates with SkillsBuilder, so Functional Skills progression can be automatically tracked through the portfolio. It is the first choice for hundreds of colleges, training providers and councils, and is fully prepped for the new standards.

    Our ForSkillsGo app offers full offline access to the Portfolio including the ability to capture live signatures. The app also includes free access to ForSkills’ ground-breaking video resources.

  • starThe Skills Network

    The Skills Network allows learners to undertake their study in an exciting and interactive e-learning environment. The system not only supports learners’ development, but also includes tutor access and intelligent data management tools which cover all aspects of blended and distance learning delivery.

    For members who want to come on board with The Skills Network, if they commit to learning resources for an initial 50 learners with us, we will build them a fully branded tenancy of our online platform for free (RRP is ordinarily £1,000), plus we will charge just £20 per learner (RRP is usually £30).

    This makes the total cost just £1,000 instead of £2,500 RRP.

    Click here for more information about the offer:

    Visit our website for more information:

  • starSpiral

    Spiral.ac is a classroom learning platform which:

    • Handles answers from every student for every question
    • Records teacher feedback
    • Invites students to improve their original answers
    • Breaks questions into visual and text-based steps
    • Makes presentations and video interactive
    • Tracks individual contributions to group presentations

    We're the fastest way to carry out formative assessment, simple to use and beautiful to look at. The Institute of Education helped with the pedagogy, we are based in the UK and have 30,000 teachers signed up worldwide.

    BLC members benefit from 20% off college plans (the full price is $2 per student). This includes:

    • Admin, teacher and student dashboards with unlimited use of the apps
    • Training from a Spiral trainer and access to how-to videos (see link below)
    • Full LMS integration for flipped learning and single sign-on

    Take it for a spin at spiral.ac:

    Alternatively, contact Ben at Spiral with any questions:

    How-to videos:

  • starSquigl
    system live

    Transforming learning content with a click of a button

    Educators and Students are using Squigl to boost engagement and information retention. Teachers and students turn lessons, homework, summaries and responses into video that is effective at transferring knowledge.

    Faculty and Instructional Designers introduce the lesson and the topics included.They create Squigls to explain key concepts and allow both commenting and quizzing.

    Professors also build exam preparation using Squigl to make sure that students can focus on the primary topics. At the same time, faculty, students and researchers present their research findings by imbedding Squigls to highlight key findings; while students submit Squigls as assignments to demonstrate their level of comprehension of the subject or key concept. Further, students collaborate on projects by creating team Squigls using Squigl's collaboration tools.

    Students create Squigls in class and submit them to their professors to demonstrate their comprehension of the subject. Squigl’s collaboration features allow faculty to work with students to create any animated video project, allows faculty-faculty-instructional design team collaboration, or student group collaboration on projects.

    Offering Squigl to learners enhances their ability to learn in a more engaging and fun way.


    Take advantage of Squigl for FREE for all professors and students at your College or University for one year and £500 a year for your entire institution after that. A savings of up to 50% per institution!

    This offer is available till March 31st, 2019.

    To see the benefit one University has seen in bringing Squigl into the learning ecosystem look at this short testimonial:

    To learn more about how Squigl can make text, PowerPoint, and new content more effective and engaging, please email us

    Or visit our website:

  • starSystem Live
    system live

    System Live are a software house specialising in Quality Enhancement Software, Consultancy and Reporting within the Further Education sector.

    Observation Live - for Lesson Observations

    System Live have partnered with Wakefield College on a new Lesson Observation system catering for the needs of FE. Key features include the ability to set up different types of observation types from graded to non-graded to learning walks, fully configurable templates, offline mode for recording observations when no internet access is available, create action plans for staff, sophisticated in built reporting.


    Planning Live - for Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning

    Our system for Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning. This system replaces a college’s traditional approach of teachers recording this information on Word documents. Therefore has all the benefits of being able to share, collaborate, standardise and report which a centralised system provides.


    We are pleased to announce a discount of 20% on the licence for Observation Live and Planning Live for members of the Blended Learning Consortium!

    A brochure with more details about Observation Live can be downloaded below:

    A brochure with more details about Planning Live can be downloaded below:

    More information can be found on our website:

    Or please email us directly to find out more information about our products and services:

  • starTablet Academy

    Tablet Academy

    Tablet Academy is an independent organisation created to support educational institutions in transforming teaching and learning through the integration of new and existing technologies. Through high-level consultancy and training services our team of fully qualified educators support over 700 institutions and train over 13,000 educators a year.

    • Strategic Consultancy
    • Teaching with Technology Skills Audits
    • Professional Development
    • Certified Training Programmes (Microsoft and Google)
    • Duke of York Student Experience Days
    • Annual Support Packages


    Tablet Academy are the number one Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner in the UK. Our team can support educators to gain the Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) or Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) recognition - tablet-academy.com/office365.


    Tablet Academy are one of four Google accredited professional development partners in the UK. We can offer hands-on workshops linked to Google Educator Level 1 and Level 2 certifications - tablet-academy.com/google.

    BLC Members: Sepcial Offers

    Offer 1. Tablet Academy Services: 10% Discount

    All BLC members are entitled to a 10% discount on all Tablet Academy services when booked direct with Tablet Academy.

    Offer 2. Lamar University Certificate in Technology Enhanced Teaching:

    24 participants for the price of 20.

    This ‘Certificate in Technology Enhanced Teaching’ offers teaching staff a short comprehensive professional development programme the outcome of which rewards staff with a certificate which can be converted into academic credit towards a Lamar or participating university Masters Programme. The programme consists of two elements:

    Part One: The completion of 4 x Half-Day Face to Face workshops which can be customised to meet the needs of your institution and based on your technology deployment.

    Part Two: The creation by participating staff of an ePortfolio of evidence demonstrating the use of technology in their teaching practice.

    Assessment: After grading of the ePortfolio by a University Faculty member, successful participants are awarded a non-credit bearing certificate which can, at a later date, be converted into full academic credits, representing 1/6th towards the Lamar University online M.Ed. in Digital Learning and Leading or other participating university post-graduate programme.

    Participants can also complete Microsoft Certified Educator or Google Level 1/Level 2 certification as part of this programme. Additional exam fees will apply.

    To find out more about this programme visit tablet-academy.com/lamar-university.


    For all enquiries please visit the tablet-academy website:



    01952 567450

  • starThink Smart
    think smart

    “Inspectors will consider the extent to which learners receive thorough and impartial careers guidance to enable them to make informed choices about their current learning and future career plans” OFSTED Further Education and Skills Handbook

    Think Smart helps your current and prospective students discover the right career path for them, and guides them towards the appropriate courses, vacancies and apprenticeships to achieve their ambitions.

    Here is a demo video:

    We interview professionals across a wide range of industries about their jobs, and use this to develop real-world problem-solving scenarios that your students can try out to get an understanding of what different career paths involve. Our adaptive algorithms track the topics and activities they enjoy in order to guide them towards appropriate career choices.

    We offer:

    • Hundreds of problem-solving scenarios across >35 industries and constantly growing content
    • The ability to rapidly build new content according to you + your local economy’s needs
    • A word bank for students to add definitions of difficult jargon
    • Guidance for prospective students towards appropriate courses and/or job vacancies
    • Comprehensive analytics platform to measure progress throughout their student journey
    think smart screenshot

    We are delighted to offer a 20% discount on licenses to BLC members. Please contact us for details and to arrange a demo:


    Tel: 07492393793

    Visit our website for more information:

  • starThe Training Initiative
    The Training Initiative

    About the Training Initiative

    Our mission is simple - to make training your workforce as easy, flexible and cost effective as possible. We're passionate about improving the standards and quality of training in the Further Education Sector.

    The Training Initiative

    We offer training in the following subject areas to suit your college's needs and budget:

    • First aid
    • Mental health
    • Moving people safely
    • Fire safety
    • Dealing with challenging behaviour
    • Safeguarding of vulnerable adults, children & young
    • Equality and diversity
    • Leadership
    • Augmented reality
    • Bespoke courses

    Blended Learning Consortium Members

    We're offering members of the Blended Learning Consortium a 20% discount off all of our courses and training. We would like to offer BLC members a preferential rate of £520 + VAT per day for training. For shorter or bespoke courses a pro-rata rate will be calculated.

    View an overview of the training we offer in PDF format:

    Please get in touch:

    Tel: 01827 216 171

    Visit our website for more information:

  • starUnio by Harness

    Unio is a cloud-based learning platform that increases student participation and engagement. It enables teachers to:

    • Create interactive lessons that include quizzes, polls, audio and video
    • Display lessons on student devices through a browser
    • Use the class overview to track student progress in real time
    • Assign students to work in groups and collaborate on activities

    Unio's unique shared screens enables the teacher to easily share lessons and assessments with students and allows for real time two-way communication whether inside or outside the classroom.


    The class overview gives teacher a real time overview of how every student is progressing through the lesson making it easy to identify students who need additional support.


    Students can access all of the lesson material remotely so Unio is idea for encouraging independent learning.

    Watch James Kieft's guide on how to use Unio:

    BLC members benefit from a discounted rate of £6 per student per year for any number of licences plus free in school training for all staff.

    Harness is ranked as one of the top 50 global Education companies by Tyton Partners and is the European winner of the Global EdTech Startup Awards . Unio is certified by Finland’s Kokoa Standard

    To find out more, visit our website:

    If you have any questions, contact Nihal Salah:

    How to videos:

  • starUnicheck

    Unicheck is a cloud-based plagiarism detection and prevention software with advanced functionality for educational institutions and with continuous community-driven development.

    Over 1,100 universities, colleges, and school districts worldwide have chosen Unicheck as their primary plagiarism checker because of its usability, reliability, and availability. Unicheck offers an innovative vision and strong customer support services.

    Unicheck creates innovations in plagiarism detection and prevention, authorship verification, identification of advanced text modification techniques, and citation assistance.

    The company hosts Unicheck as a subscription service on the state-of-the-art-technology cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Unicheck architecture, AWS infrastructure/hosting, and support services make their tool the most reliable, available (99.95% uptime), extensible, and scalable cloud-based plagiarism detection software in the industry.

    Unicheck’s Mission is to create community-driven software to make students well-educated. They help teachers grow their students into thinkers instead of copycats.

    Unicheck is not just a vendor, they strive to become your trusted partner who will provide you with efficient technology in order to be a successful institution by helping students learn the value of original thinking and writing.


    Customer success is Unicheck’s priority — every institution is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your personal consultant for all questions and issues. They also provide free 24/7 SLA-based Support, onboarding assistance, on-demand training, access to Unicheck Help Center.

    Effortless integration with all major LMSs.

    Unicheck is easy to use and fast to integrate: Unicheck automates all stages of the evaluation of students' works for originality in the LMS. Unicheck integrations are installed in a few clicks and the entire setup takes no more than 5 minutes.

    Unicheck is a Canvas Alliance Partner since 2016. They have been closely working with Instructure Team to ensure the best user experience.


    AI-based authorship verification assistant.

    Unicheck’s latest innovation, Emma, is aimed to prevent Contract Cheating. Embedded into the software, Emma studies the writing style of each student and says whether newly handed-in papers are likely to have been written by the submitter.

    Natural Language Processing and stylometry enable Emma to analyze the writing of each text, categorizing it into linguistic and stylistic silos. As a sophisticated AI algorithm, Emma continuously hones her authorship verification skills.

    With Emma at hand, educators can spend less time grading papers, and students can become motivated to enhance their writing skills.


    We’re delighted to offer members of the Blended Learning Consortium a special discount of 25% off Unicheck’s regular offer.

    What’s included in price:
    Annual License Fee per FTE or active license, Premium 24/7 Support (chat, phone, email), Dedicated Account Manager, Implementation Assistance, Maintenance Fee, Onboarding and On-demand Online Trainings, Online Help resources, Hosting Service (AWS), Text Modification Finder - Modifind, Citation Assistance, Database Migration Assistance, Private Institutional Storage (AWS Hosted).

    60-days free trial

    Take advantage of our free trial period to test out Unicheck’s features and benefits.

    Unicheck’s products are developed fully in-house and the company is capable of doing customization of any complexity to meet the requirements of the Partners and Customers.

    To find out more, visit our website:

    Contact Unicheck for more information:

  • starUrkund

    Introducing Urkund

    Urkund was created by teachers for teachers, to offer a clean, intuitive and reliable way of detecting plagiarism. We deliver accurate reports, and the ability to use Urkund in 3 ways – through your LMS, Via the Web or over Email.

    We integrate into 90% of the major LMS Platforms, including Moodle, BlackBoard, MS Teams, Canvas, D2L, Google Classrooms to name a few.

    We come highly endorsed in the Academic world, ranking on top of the competition in terms of accuracy in finding text, synonyms, paraphrasing and also user experience as per latest 3 tests completed at ENAI www.academicintegrity.eu – scrutinised by Academics from all over Europe.

    Our intuitive report includes side by side analysis, picking up font differences and use of suspicious characters – and we will soon be launching a cross language detection tool and a stylometric tool.

    Urkund screenshot

    Our system has 99.9% uptime, so is extremely reliable (even in the busy exam periods) and of course we are fully GDPR compliant. We never compromise on data security, and don’t take ownership of any assignments that are submitted to us. You can stay in control of your data, delete at will or get a dedicated database pending your individual institution’s needs. We can also easily upload previous years submissions from your student archive too.

    Our references boast the latest and greatest scholarly content in our archives, from names like Cengage, IEE, Wiley and Springer to name a few.

    Urkund screenshot 2

    Lastly, our modular licenses allow us to be flexible with individual year groups and stages of education. Not only that, but each license allows for unlimited document checks, accounts and of course support from our expert team.


    Introducing Edword

    Edword is an online toolbox enabling formative and engaging feedback on written work. It transforms the way your students learn and work with your comments, while saving you time.

    Edword screenshot

    Implementing Edword changes students from passive receivers to active learners. It is kind of a paradox that teachers spend hundreds of hours providing feedback when students do not spend the time studying the feedback, taking advantage of technology, Edword aims to motivate and engage students in their feedback, resulting in improved learning outcomes and reduced dropout.

    Edword screenshot 2

    In Edword, you can create, build, share and upload assignments, comment sets and rubrics. All organised in a grand library. Handle the entire workflow and let students documents their work with your feedback in the platform. It also integrates with your LMS.

    We also offer a great plugin for both Word and Google Docs, on PC, Mac and Chromebook if this is more in-line with your current workflow. It takes the repetitive aspect out of giving feedback. Insert library text comments with one click, record audio comments and much more. You can also share all of this with your colleagues if you wish too.

    With data analysis on how much time is spent giving, and receiving feedback – including time spent per comment, assignment and subject – Edword helps Colleges measure the effect of investment in student feedback, resulting in the improvement of the learning outcome. Alongside the time saving element of course.

    Edword x Urkund

    Although we can be modular and offer each solution individually, we also offer an Edword and Urkund combined solution, whereby we offer an analysis report within Edword that can be easily viewed in the assignment.

    This enables you to use both products seamlessly in a workflow that works for you.

    We help:

    • Teachers - offer constructive and formative feedback within the course assignments, alongside detecting potential issues with plagiarism
    • Students – become more engaged and motivated, understanding the value of feedback
    • College administration – save time and become more efficient, allowing for more time spent actually teaching – with analytics on how much time is spent giving and receiving feedback
    • College reputation – promoting academic integrity and honesty, complementing your college’s values

    Our Offer to the BLC is 20% discount on the yearly licence fees below:

    Our licences are based on FTE, and our minimum license is up to 1500 FTE.


    Minimum Yearly Licence Starting from £1850 (before discount)


    Minimum Yearly Licence Starting from £2800

    Joint Solution:

    Minimum Yearly Licence Starting from £4185

    Visit our website for more information:

    Alternatively contact the UK Account Manager – James Lankester for more information and a bespoke quote:

  • starVirtual College

    Virtual College is one of the UK’s leading providers of online learning, amassing over 2 million learners in their 21 years of experience in the field. Recently chosen as the ‘learning technologies supplier of the year’, Virtual College has been widely recognised for the way its training positively impacts individuals, teams and organisations.

    Partnering with Virtual College provides Consortium members with a 20% discount off any initial orders with the company, as well as the following benefits:

    • free access to the Career VOOCs, short online course that introduce learners to careers within a specific vocational sector
    • unlimited access to the Employability suite of courses hosted on Virtual College’s Learning Management System for the reduced price of £1000 per college
    • a free learning technology consultancy session with one of the company’s education e-learning consultants who can discuss how Virtual College content can help meet student training requirements
    • access to the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework self-assessment template within our online Audit Tool free for 1 year.

    For full information on how Virtual College can satisfy your training requirements, visit their company website:

    Alternatively, they can be contacted directly for further details about their training solutions:

  • starVitalize

    Who are Vitalize

    Vitalize are proud to be a dedicated Google for Education Partner. Our role is to support schools, colleges and MATs with the successful adoption of G Suite for Education, Chrome devices and innovative cloud technology solutions.


    Our goal is always to support your college to enhance teaching and learning with technology, by engaging students and teachers.

    Our dedicated support team is made of experienced teachers and ICT professionals who have many years’ experience of working in the education sector.

    Vitalize Offer

    We’re delighted to offer members of the Blended Learning Consortium 20% off our:

    • Google for Education INTRO Course (Teaching staff)
    • Google for Education ADMIN Course (Technical staff)

    Just £395.00 for an onsite course for up to 15 participants.

    More details about our training packages can be found here:

    For more information please visit our website:

    Or email us: